ok, so I'm kinda lagging...

but here are my collages. I wish I had save all the ones I've made over the years but I never thought about this when I was little.

 Spice Girls, My Chemical Romance, Kathy Griffin, Boys Like Girls, Rise Against, The Almost, Yellowcard, Gym Class Heroes, The Killers. "What sets the caped crusader apart form mortals is his gallantry which seems all but extinct on the planet."

 There are 6 bands here that I enjoy. Big D and the Kids Table, Cute is What We Aim For, Mayday Parade, Armor For Sleep, The Spill Canvas, and Taking Back Sunday. Miss Piggy makes an appearance next to the R in For of CIWWAF.

 Christina Aguilera is very empowered. She is quoted right under the picture of her. It reads " I'm the only one in charge of the ship now. If it sinks, it's my fault." I love what she stands for.

This is the only one with a title. "Glamorous". In college my most of my closest friends were in a sorority. They were never allowed to get drunk, so they decided to be glamorous.

I have another collage in the works. I need to find a background and glue it together. I'm constanly cutting bits and pieces from magazines.


  1. thanks for joining kind heated blogger"! I love your collages. especially the one in the last pic.