I did some baking

1st attempt at flooding and baking cookies from scratch.. not too bad if i do say so myself. used a cookie recipe from Mel's Sweet Treats (minus the lemon zest). Royal icing recipe from Wilton

 cake pops. I forgot to take a final picture. I'm still having trouble getting the consistency right.



I am coaching cheer this year. The girls needed something for their hair. My co-coach/cousin decided to make bows for the girls. It was my !st time making them so it took a lot of time and a lot of glue. We made 16 of them. The girls ended up loving them.

We made the middle part a little loose in the back so we could attach pipe cleaners to put them in their hair.
Mostly followed this tutorial on youtube.


Guess what!

One of my best friends in the world just started law school. I stitched a piece for hm of his favorite inspirational lyrics. I finally gave it to him last weekend. He loved it.
"Rise From the Ashes" - Quietdrive


The big news is...

My boyfriend, uh, fiance [I don't know how to do the accent mark and I'm still not used to saying it!] proposed at one of my favorite parks. We had spent the entire day in Santa Monica then went to the park in the evening. At first I didn't take him seriously when he said he wanted to ask me something. I walked away from him and sat on a bench. He walked up to me and proceeded to tell me how much he loved me. I was still skeptical until he took the box out of his pocket. He got down on his knee. I started shaking. He asked. I said yes.

Good thing I had gotten my nails done a few days before.
As of right now, it's going to be a handmade, 1950s wedding. Pintrest has become my addiction. I will keep you posted on all the fun details.


coming soon!

I am working on those patterns I promised! Big thank you to Dork Stitch for recommending KG Stitch. They are coming along nicely. I also have a couple other things in the works!

Stay Tuned



I've been working on a few cross stitch patterns of stuff I've said or my friends have said because we say some ridiculous things. I've drawn them out in a notebook of grid paper. I would love to share them.

Problem: I don't have a fancy pattern making program. I don't have a scanner.

Question: Is there anyway I can make my patterns on the computer without a pattern making program?

I'm putting a program on my xmas list. What are some good programs?


my eventual tattoo

I love Miss Piggy. She's crazy. She loves with her whole heart. She's not afraid to put herself out there. She's her own biggest cheerleader. And she can kick some ass when she needs to. I definitely think she's a wonderful role model. I've loved her since I was little. I wanted someone to draw a pin up style of her so I can get it tatted on me. I finally decided to do it myself. My drawing skills aren't as bad as I thought they are. I did trace her body though. I took a picture of a pin up at Disneyland. Next time you ride Roger Rabbit's ride, see if you can spot it  while in line. Her face is entirely free hand so it doesn't look exactly like her. Ok, here she is: