It's been a busy few days!

It's been a fun filled 2 days.

On Wednesday, the boyfriend and I went to the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Page Museum, and, wait for it...
The Craft and Folk Art Museum!!

At the Getty, we walked the garden and the exhibits. Same at the Page. The Page museum has a fishbowl lab where you can watch the workers work with the bones the find in the La Brea tar pits.

Now, if you ever come to Los Angeles, every crafter needs to go to the Craft and Folk Art Museum. We weren't supposed to take pictures but I didn't see the sign til we were about to leave. Oops. 
 Best exhibit name EVER!

 We got to add to this!

 Mine is front and center.

 This was outside.

The museum is amazing. There were only 2 artists featured but it was so cool! The other artist is Jennifer Angus. Her installation is called All Creatures Great and Small. She used real bugs and pinned them to walls in designs, put the heads on wax clothes, made different scenes in doll houses. Everything was just cool. The shop had a bunch of handmade goodies from local artisans. It was just too bad LACMA was closed. They have a Tim Burton exhibit.

Ok. Yesterday after work, my mom and I went to the Canoga Park Artwalk. They're doing it once a month until September. There was a few different gallery spaces open with a ton of different artists. There was live music and FOOD TRUCKS!!! I had an amazing cupcake . One of the best cupcakes I've ever had. Unfortunately I didn't get her card. Next time for sure. The food truck we ate at is called The Greasy Wiener. Totally amazing. I highly recommend the bacon cheese fries and the bomb. I died and went to hot dog heaven.

I got some new artwork. by these artists :
The Art of Sketch
Diana Levin Illustration
Melanie Crosgrove

Their stuff is pure magic.the whole event was organized by 11:11 - I of the Arts. A great organization in the San Fernando Valley.

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