I cant believe I never posted these!

I made my boyfriend this blanket for his birthday 1year ago. It's appliqued fleece. The logo is of my boyfriend's truck club, Freaks of Nature.

I made this pumpkin for last Halloween. I was inspired by Food Network Challenge when they were carving extreme pumpkins. mine wasn't extreme, though. Maybe this year.

I made this ladybug last summer. I stuffed the wings too much.

The blank tree is a pincushion. The decorated tree is for decoration. Both fleece. Made the garland out of heart charms and a plastic necklace.

I made this awesome bag for a craft fair my mom participated in. It didn't sell. I was sad.

I got my Martha on for my brother's 16th birthday. Mini pumpkins on a cake plate wrapped in Halloween wire garland.

His cake. cupcake eyes, mini marshmallows for teeth, white chocolate skulls around base, chocolate layer cake with mouth hole cut out. Actually the mouth hole got stuck to the pan.

 I will post more as I find them.

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