I've been working on a few cross stitch patterns of stuff I've said or my friends have said because we say some ridiculous things. I've drawn them out in a notebook of grid paper. I would love to share them.

Problem: I don't have a fancy pattern making program. I don't have a scanner.

Question: Is there anyway I can make my patterns on the computer without a pattern making program?

I'm putting a program on my xmas list. What are some good programs?


  1. I am not sure how helpful this is, but if you want a decent freeware pattern maker, I really like one called KG Stitch, which you can find pretty easily on Google. I'm not sure about how to do exports on it, but it works very well, and has good printed results, too. That wasn't really an answer to your question, though, so I think I took up an awful lot of space. ^^;

  2. thanks so much! i will def try it out! if my computer lets me.