Back to work

I was in Idaho for a few days to see baby Raegan. She's such a good baby. She hardly cries. I got left alone with her for a half hour but we both survived. 
 See! She loves me.
Our hands are so different.

So, Kiley [her mom/my bff] is obsessed with frogs. Kind of like how I love pigs. Only more. Well, we might actually be neck and neck. Anyway, Baby's room is decked out in frogs. I made this frog embroidery for her. She loved it. Satin stitches, split stitches, back stitches, French knots.

I saw this gem during my "tour" of Boise.

My little brother got back from a school trip to China around the same time. He brought me back a painting by a Chinese student.
It's so me.

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