My Firsts

These are my 1st attempts at different things.

 my 1st pop art piece. i love her

 my 1st line drawing. i should do more.

 My 1st cross stitch from Miss Woolly's Mini Cross Stitch by Eliza Edwards

My 1st project weren't so bad. I'm definitely progressing though.


Welcome, friends!

Much like one of my favorite bloggers, Mr X Stitch, I am also a non traditional crafter. I like to dabble in different crafts.

I feel this will be more effective than my tumblr which I will continue to update.

I'm trying to get better about taking pictures of everything that I make. I'm also trying to get pictures of stuff that I made in the past.

Hopefully, I can finish projects more often.

I am always expanding my crafting arsenal. I will share my new pieces with you.

I will also be linking some of my favorite blogs and projects.

Enjoy, friends!